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Step Forward of Michigan Don’t forget about Step Forward Michigan’s homeowner programs during this busy holiday season. This may be the last year we have Loan Rescue funds available to stop a foreclosure or help reinstate a delinquency. Contact them now at the toll-free number, 866-946-7432 or apply online at www.stepforwardmichigan.org before it’s too late.

Please call Glenn Ross, Customer Service Team lead, at 517-335-6482 or email him at  RossG1@michigan.gov if you need more information.

We are also here to assist you through the process as well.  You can reach us at 800-632-7334.

The foreclosure prevention counselors are approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).

Certified Foreclosure Prevention Counselors may:  

  • Educate and help clients understand the foreclosure process
  • Look at a family or individual's personal financial situation and budget to determine possible options that may lower monthly house payments
  • Help open up communication with a client's mortgage company
  • Assist clients while working with their mortgage company's loss mitigation department
  • Help families and individuals develop a plan to overcome and resolve their housing crisis
  • Refer clients to other services the agency offers to help them through hard financial times.

Services are provided FREE of charge.

Tips to avoiding foreclosure:  

  1. Create and follow a budget plan to reduce unnecessary expenses
  2. Maintain open communication with the lender. DO NOT ignore the situation!  
  3. Do not agree to any refinance plans or loan modifications that will not be affordable
  4. Make sure to open and read all mail/notices regarding the mortgage
  5. Talk with a MHSDA Certified Foreclosure Prevention Counselor to learn more about the foreclosure process and all options available.

Obtaining help with loan modifications should always be free of charge. No company should ever accept money for helping a homeowner out of foreclosure.

This page last updated on 10/6/2020.


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Jill - Former Foreclosure client comments:

"I kept trying to negotiate a modification.  They blew me off!  I came in here and talked to Barb.  While I was here she called the bank and within a short time there was modification paperwork.  She did much more for me."

She received a loan modification!