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Home and Building Performance

cute house with manicured bushes in frontSo what is Home and Building Performance and why do I need it?

Home Performance is how all the various aspects of your home work together and how they affect efficiency, comfort, durability and the health and safety of its occupants.  In homes that have improved performance the outcomes are proven:

  • 19% average savings on Natural Gas & Propane
  • 8% average savings on Electric use
  • Decreased the incidence of medical attention because a home was too cold or too hot by 57%
  • Children who were too cold to study reduced by 55%
  • People who missed more than one week of work reduced by 8%
  • Individuals who missed more than one week of school reduced by 10%

In businesses the outcomes are also proven.  According to Judith Heerwagen, a former scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who is now a program expert with the General Services Administration, productivity and the workplace are related in these ways:

  • “A building can positively affect ability by providing comfortable ambient conditions, by enabling individual control and adjustment of conditions, and by reducing health and safety risks. Negative impacts on ability to do work are associated with conditions that are uncomfortable, distracting, hazardous or noxious.
  • “A building can positively affect motivation by providing conditions that promote positive affective functioning, psychological engagement and personal control. Moods create the ‘affective context’ for thought processes and behaviors and are directly tied to motivation.
  • “A building can affect opportunity by providing equitable access to conditions that reduce health and safety risks, equitable access to amenities and compensatory design options where inequities exist and are difficult to eliminate entirely.”

Who is Home and Building Performance for?

A Home and Building Performance Analysis is needed by anyone wanting their home or business to operate at its potential for efficiency, comfort and health.  From new custom built homes to older manufactured homes, hospitality to medical use buildings, anyone who wants to get the most out of their investment can benefit from our services.

What's wrong? - How do you know?

Are some rooms too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer?

  • A heating and cooling contractor will gladly sell you a new furnace or air-conditioner.  However, temperature issues in rooms may not be caused by the furnace but rather from the ductwork and pressure imbalances.

Ice damming on the roof?

  • An insulation contractor will sell you more attic insulation.  Many times ice on the roof is not caused by a lack of insulation, but rather a lack of air sealing.

Feel drafts from the windows?

  • A builder will sell you new ones!  Some drafts felt around windows may be from internal air movement and not coming from the outside through the windows.

Allergies, chronic illnesses, etc.?

  • Problems are not always what they seem to be. Allergies and illnesses may be made worse by factors inside the home, including mold and carbon monoxide (CO).


Unless the home or building is tested as a whole system you may end up throwing good money away chasing the root of the issue.

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This page last updated on 8/24/2017.