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Child Development Public Information Reporting

Information on this page is available in print copy.  If you require further assistance or have questions, please contact the Head Start Director or the Operations Director at (800) 632-7334. 

    NMCAA's Early Childhood program offers several different program options designed to meet family needs.  Each option may have a different look, but all share the common goal of assisting parents to be their child’s first and most important teacher.  Parent Involvement is the key factor in producing long term outcomes for families enrolled in the program.

    Parents are actively involved by volunteering, attending relevant training and participating in the planning, budgeting and staff selection process.  Each child enrolled is assessed individually in both cognitive and emotional domains to foster the greatest possibility for later school success.  They also receive medical and dental services.  Sound nutritional habits are developed on a daily basis.  Head Start works with other community resource providers to ensure the needs of each family is met.

    Families with children of all abilities are encouraged to apply.

    Program Options:

    Part-Day Center Based Classrooms (serves 198 children)

      • Classes meet 4 days per week, 4 hours per day  
      • Classes meet September through May
      • Some transportation is provided  
      • Parents receive 4 contacts per year in the form of Home Visits and Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Extended Day Center Based Classrooms (serves 348 children)

      • Classes meet 4 days per weeks, 6-7 hours per day 
      • Classes meet September through June
      • Parents receive 4 contacts per year in the form of Home Visits and Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Child Care Contractors (serves 108 children)

      • Children receive a Head Start preschool experience as part of their day. 
      • Services are provided September through mid-August.
      • Transportation is NOT provided.
      • Parents receive 4 contacts per year in the form of Home Visits and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

    Home Based (serves 229 children)

      • Year round home visiting program with opportunities for families to attend socialization experiences at a variety of child development centers in all counties, serving 229 children birth to 3 and expectant families.  Thirty-four children are served in a center based child care program. (Child Care Contractor). 
      • Transportation in NOT provided.
      • Home Base parents receive 48 contacts per year in the form of Home Visits.


    This page last updated on 7/14/2017.

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