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VITA FREE Tax Preparation

If your household makes $75,000 a year or less, if you're a senior, veteran, disabled, or speak limited English, our IRS Certified Tax Preparers are ready to file your taxes for FREE. We are here to give you the refund you deserve.

Choose the Filing Option That Works Best for You:

By Appointment

By Appointment

IRS-certified volunteers work one-on-one with you to prepare and e-file your federal and state tax returns, all in the same day.

Print or download our tax packet HERE and then schedule your appointment!


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IRS Certified Volunteers Providing Free Tax Preparation


Quick & Easy Drop-Off

Quick & Easy Drop-Off

Drop off your tax documents with IRS-certified volunteers at a tax prep location, then pick up your completed return in 10-14 days.

Print or download our tax packet HERE and then drop off your tax documents, along with photocopy of picture ID and social security cards, at any of our locations!

Learn More About Drop Off: Click Here

File Virtually

File Virtually

Send in a digital copy of your tax documents to one of our IRS-certified volunteers using any device with a network connection.

Get Your Refund

DIY - Do It Yourself

DIY - Do It Yourself

Do it yourself (with help)! Prepare and file your own return with help from an IRS-certified volunteer using free and secure software or low-fee filing for self employed or higher income filers.

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This page last updated on 1/9/2023.