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Board of Directors

Board Executive/Audit Committee

Chairperson:  Rev Gerald Cook
Vice-Chairperson:  Carolyn Rentenbach
Treasurer:  Jeff Miller
Secretary:  Mary Klein
Northern Sector Rep:  Louis Fantini
Southern Sector Rep:  Tom Olmsted
Central Sector Rep:  Brenda DeKuiper


CAP Law - Whistleblower Policy - Video | Handout

CAP Law - Conflict of Interest - Video | Handout

Organizational Standards - Board of Directors

NMCAA Organizational Standards Assessment

Conflict of Interest Agreement and Disclosure

Board Member Job Description

2017 Board Calendar



This page last updated on 11/16/2017.

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

NMCAA Annual Meeting

November 16, 2017

12:30 PM

Executive/Audit Committee

10:30 AM

Board Meeting

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