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Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Meet new people? Do you want to learn how to do taxes, for free? You can start today by registering to become a volunteer tax preparer! By becoming a volunteer, you can: prepare taxes for low to moderate income individuals/families, all senior citizens, people with disabilities, veterans, or those who speak limited English.

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There might be a couple of questions running through your head.

Do I have to be a CPA to prepare taxes?

No, you do not have to be a CPA to become a volunteer but some of our volunteers are CPA’s!

Also, do I have to become IRS certified?

You do have to be certified by the IRS to prepare taxes, but training is available before the tax season starts beginning mid-October.

What about the training? How do I get started?

Training begins in mid-November. To start the registration process, please contact Emily at: 

Call: 231-346-2141

Text: 231-714-4578

Email: fmstinake@nmcaa.net

Are there other ways to volunteer besides preparing taxes?

 Yes! We are also in need of tax intake volunteers. These volunteers are trained to assist our clients in organizing their paperwork before the tax appointment to make sure they have everything they need before seeing their tax preparer. 

What volunteer roles are available?

The volunteers we need:

Tax Intake Volunteer

Tax preparers

  • Become IRS certified at the “basic” or higher level
  • Must comply with all ethics, integrity, and confidential client information 

Rights and Responsibility

  • Assist with intake
  • Learn about privacy laws

For more information about volunteering, feel free to visit the following websites!



This page last updated on 11/9/2023.