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Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Meet new people? Do you want to learn how to do taxes, for free? You can start today by registering to become a volunteer tax preparer! By becoming a volunteer, you can: prepare taxes for low to moderate income individuals/families, all senior citizens, people with disabilities, or those who speak limited English.

There might be a couple of questions running through your head.

Do I have to be a CPA to prepare taxes?

No, you do not have to be a CPA to become a volunteer but some of our volunteers are CPA’s!

Also, do I have to become IRS certified?

You do have to be certified by the IRS to prepare taxes, but training is available before the tax season starts beginning mid-October.

What about the training? How do I get started?

Training begins in mid-October. To start the registration process, please contact Meg at: 231-346-2188 or taxes@nmcaa.net

What volunteer roles are available?

The volunteers we need:

Tax preparers

  • Become IRS certified at the “basic” or higher level
  • Must comply with all ethics, integrity, and confidential client information 

Rights and Responsibility

  • Assist with intake
  • Learn about privacy laws

For more information about volunteering, feel free to visit the following websites!



This page last updated on 10/4/2021.